Civil Engineering, Marine & Coastal

Barging and Reclamation Works

LOCATION: Singapore
TYPE: Civil Engineering, Marine & Coastal
CONTRACT VALUE: S$1.06 Billion
COMPLETION DATE: 19 February 2021
About The Project

A barging facility was constructed in Singapore to efficiently convey land-based materials for a large scale off-shore reclamation work. Santarli was the first local contractor in Singapore to secure a major land reclamation contract from a statutory board.
The works performed included the following:

  • Approximately 20 million m3 of soft material was dredged using both grab and cutter suction dredgers.
  • Placement of dredged soft material as infill using the grab and cutter suction dredgers to reclaim 482Ha of land.
  • Use of geosynthetics to stabilize the soft material for installation of Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) and placement of surcharge. The stabilizing of the soft material and slurry for the continuation of reclamation work was one of the many challenges of the project.
  • Ground improvement on soft soil. Unprecedented in Singapore, the project had also successfully implemented large-scale vacuum preloading and shallow ground improvement on soft soil using short PVD.
  • Placement of sand after consolidation of soft material as top infill layer.
  • Design and construct 4 concrete piled jetties fully equipped with 5 direct dumping platforms. These innovative direct dumping platforms have improved the efficiency for material dumping to 270% compared to the original method, revolutionizing the material discharging process in Singapore today.
  • Management of barging facility. At the peak, the barging facility handled over 80,000 dump trucks per month.
  • Rock revetment works
  • Environmental Monitoring and Management Programme (EMMP) of seawater and hydrographic survey works