Civil Engineering, Marine & Coastal

Marina East Staging Ground

LOCATION: Marina East Drive, Singapore
TYPE: Civil Engineering, Marine & Coastal
CLIENT: Land Transport Authority
CONTRACT VALUE: S$99.30 Million
About The Project

Marina East Staging Ground (MESG) is a support facility for Land Transport Authority (LTA) projects all around Singapore to deliver excavated materials to the staging ground to be used as infill materials for land reclamation. This helps to reduce the dependency of sand required for conventional infilling works. Materials are weighed, discharged directly into barges and then sent to their designated dumping sites. The LTA projects include but not limited to, MRT Tunnelling, Stations, Flyover and Depots.

The team’s display of innovation throughout the project has contributed significantly to the success of MESG. Besides being the first in Singapore to introduce the direct discharged platform at the staging ground, MESG is also the only project then in Singapore approved to use Recycle Construction Concrete with Bricks (RCCB) – green material – as a fill material for the construction of T-bund.

MESG was constructed in a year while the operation of MESG lasted for six years. Throughout the years of operation, MESG has received a total of 2,314,472 number of trucks which total up to 35,103,838 tonnes of excavated materials. With the dedicated project team, the project has seen zero reported accidents and won the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) Gold Award in 2019 and 2020.