Sant Ritz Condominium

LOCATION: Pheng Geck Avenue, Singapore
TYPE: Building (Residential)
CLIENT: Santarli Realty Pte Ltd
CONTRACT VALUE: S$ 59.94 Million
About The Project

Throughout the years, Santarli has proven our capabilities beyond construction through the development of Sant Ritz Condominium – from procuring the land to designing the landscape to constructing the residential blocks and managing the sales of units. Sant Ritz Condominium is a block of 19-storey apartments and row houses with open roof terraces, including 2 common basement carparks and communal facilities.

The team’s display of teamwork and innovation contributed significantly to the project’s success. The team believed in the 5C principles in their success: Competency, Communication, Cooperation, Compassion, and Confidence. Despite several challenges and constraints, the team swiftly completed the architectural works within 6 months including obtaining the Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) from Authorities. The site constraints encountered for a show house did not stop the team from innovating. A movable show house was specially designed and built, to relocate the show house from its initial proposed location. This is to ensure that sales of units can proceed without compromising the construction progress.

Santarli prides ourselves with an extra competitive edge to consistently deliver projects with high Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) score and the team has proven their good workmanship quality with a high CONQUAS score of 89.8.