A New Normal; A New Reality in the Construction Industry

A New Normal; A New Reality in the Construction Industry

With the emergence of Covid-19 in the early part of the year 2020, a majority of industries in Singapore have been immensely disrupted. To slow the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, the government had announced and implemented a circuit breaker from April to May 2020 and was later extended to June 2020, causing supply chain disruption, completion of critical work activities, cash flow concerns, funding restrictions etc.

Since the lifting of the Circuit Breaker on 2 June 2020, the built environment sector has adopted additional safety measures to mitigate the risks of any potential COVID-19 outbreak, hence, a new normal in the construction industry.

  1. Implementing a system of Safe Management Measures at worksites which involves appointing Safe Management Officers (“SMO”) and Safe Distancing Officers (“SDO”) based on specified requirements. All workers are required to attend the COVID-Safe Training for Workers.
  2. Segregation of teams to reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at the worksite. These require workers working on the same project to be cohorted within a dedicated accommodation (on-site CTQ) or off-site dedicated housing facilities. Work and break hours had to be staggered by work teams to reduce possible congregation of employees at all shared facilities.
  3. Support contact tracing requirements (TraceTogether app) and limiting workplace access to only essential employees and authorised visitors.
  4. Implement health checks and protocols through regular temperature screening and checking for respiratory symptoms for all employees at least twice daily, and for visitors where relevant
  5. Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing of at least 1 meter at the worksite
  6. Require medical personal protective equipment (wear masks -either cloth or disposable – or face shields when necessary.
  7. Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises and providing adequate hand-wash and disinfecting agents stations
  8. Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases requiring each employee to visit only one clinic for check-ups if unwell.
  9. Arranging appointments for workers’ Rostered Routine Test (RRT)/ periodic swab tests.

As a responsible organisation, Santarli has implemented these COVID-Safe Management Measures on all its projects and facilities, including regular inspections of TLQ to play its part and prevent COVID-19 resurgence.